1. darkmoonfall:

    This will never not be funny

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    This will always be one of my favourite posts.

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  3. sodamnrelatable:

    when one of your friends is sad just go to their house and do this


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    eye on selenr

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    The only sort of pictures you should be reblogging of Jennifer Lawrence

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  6. sceptre:

    i dont ignore your snapchats because i hate you, i ignore them because i hate me

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  7. nerdjpg:

    if Jesse McCartney still wants my beautiful soul, it’s on sale for 20 dollars

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  8. bennycreampuff:

    They wouldn’t say “Father of two meets world leaders today”

    They’d say “President Obama meets world leaders today”.

    They wouldn’t say “Father of three founds one of the most successful modern computer businesses.”

    They’d say “Bill Gates founds one of the most successful modern computer businesses.”

    Get your shit right and use women’s names, not the number of kids they have.

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  9. boom clap the sound of my ass

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  10. darksideoftheshr00m:


    The Golden Ratio is Everywhere.

    do not fucking show these kinds of things to me

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  11. arcaninetails:

    breakfast for dinner is fun when you’re a kid but when you’re an adult it’s just like “yo i ate lunch at 5 PM today and linear time is functionally meaningless”

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